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Help us shape the future

Help us shape the future

Retained Life Estates

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Satisfaction and joy

Our donors sometimes wonder if they should make a gift of real estate during their lifetime or wait until their passing (using a bequest in their will or living trust). While making a gift of real estate by bequest lets you retain control of the property should you need it to meet personal needs in the future, if you have other resources to rely on, there are definite advantages to accelerating your gift for you to consider.

By giving your real estate to Moravian Theological Seminary while you are living, you can experience the immense satisfaction of seeing your gift in action. If it is property Moravian Theological Seminary will sell, you can see the cash proceeds put to work as you desire. If it is property that Moravian Theological Seminary will retain and use, you will have the joy of seeing your property improve and enrich the lives of others every day.