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Help us shape the future

Help us shape the future

Hughes Scholarship

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How does one keep the 5th Commandment “honor your father and your mother” after they have entered the more immediate presence of our Lord?  The Hughes family choose to so honor by establishing a scholarship which will aid people in walking a path similar to their beloved parents Jay and Maurita. 
The Rt. Rev. James C. and Maurita Hughes began their married life together as a team committed to God, family and serving the church.  A Moravian pastor, Jay as his friends called him, served Home Church in Winston-Salem, NC, Lititz Moravian Church, PA, Calvary Moravian Church, Winston-Salem, NC, and Mayodan Moravian Church, NC. They welcomed into the world daughter Ruth and son James Jr, and their many friends who gravitated to their parsonages, benefiting greatly from the hospitality, warmth and faith of the Hughes family. 

Being consecrated a Bishop in 1974 enabled an extension of ministry as the Rt. Rev. attended the Worldwide Bishops meetings, went behind the Iron Curtain to visit churches that had been sustained and preached in the Caribbean.  Known for his vivacious character and wonderful sense of humor, Jay touched the lives of people wherever he went.  As time marched on, Jay and Maurita grew old together gracefully, living yet another great example of the faith filled life and care for one another as helpmates.

Daughter Ruth and her husband Don Lambert, feeling so rich in family and faith, wondered how they could pass it on to others?  They approached the Hughes grandchildren with the idea of a scholarship at Moravian Theological Seminary, the beloved alma mater of the Rt. Rev. Hughes’47.  Lindsay, Trevor (James the III), Jennifer, Rachel and Allison all thought it would be a marvelous tribute.

And so the Rt. Rev. James C. and Maurita C. Hughes Endowed Scholarship Fund to benefit deserving students at Moravian Theological Seminary is established. It will assist students like their mother and father with priority to: first, students pursuing the Masters of Divinity degree in preparation for service in pastoral ministry, affiliated with the Moravian church.  Second preference is to second-career students affiliated with the Moravian church.   Jay and Maurita’s impact on many people’s lives will endure for years to come.